How To Delete Bugs in Bugzilla

devZing has a good post on how to delete bugs in Bugzilla. more »

How to install Sybase’s ODBC driver on Ubuntu Linux 8.10 for ASE/IQ/Replication Server/SQL Anywhere/etc

It is always interesting how when you are working on a problem, someone else in your sphere is solving almost the same problem. Jason posted yesterday about installing ODBC on Ubuntu for Sybase which was one of the challenges we had as part of my previou… more »

Sybase JDBC Craziness

Say you're working on an enterprise class system. Developers work on Windows and Linux. Servers run Linux. Not so unusual. Now enter Sybase SQL Anywhere. Aka Sybase ASA or iAnywhere. First off there are 2 different JDBC drivers. JConnect (jconn3) a… more »

The "Why To" Manual

Hank Wallace turned me on to a post by Allison Shapira where she summarizes a key point from Rob Walker's writeup of the Blue Man Group - the "Why To" manual.This "Actors' Journal" is not so much a how-to manual as a why-to manual; it's not about… more »

Miško Hevery on Writing Testable Code

Miško Hevery has written a great summary of some basic coding rules for testability in his post Writing Testable Code. I love this quote because every time I introduce unit testing to someone who has an existing code base you can see this in their eyes… more »

The Last Language War / Language Trolling Post You'll Ever Need To Read (Hopefully)

Via Jeremy D. Miller This post by David is hilarious (warning programmer humor...) more »

HanselMinutes #4

Scott Hanselman has started a podcast called HanselMinutes to talk tools and utilities. Episode #4 on Continuous Integration caught my attention because of 2 names mentioned during the discussion of the Ruby Watir library. Both Dustin Woodhouse and Travi… more »

SqlConnection Connection String Parameter Keywords & Values

I can never find this info, so I'm filing it away. Name Default Description Application Name   The name of the application, or '.Ne… more »

International Addresses

Darrell pointed me to this site on International Addresses and the complexities therein. Darrell is using this from a testing point of view, but I have been fascinated for years about how to design an effective solution for US based systems that need t… more »

Together Developer for Visual Studio.NET

Borland has released a version of Together Developer that integrates into VS.NET. Check out the screen casts. I'm thinking that Together combined with ReSharper from JetBrains could be one killer combination. more »