Finding & Removing the Docs WordPress Virus on Windows

A quick way to scan a bunch of WordPress installs for the Docs virus. Not sure of the real name since I can't find a reference to it on the net. dir /s /b *.php | find "docs.php" more »

How To Delete Bugs in Bugzilla

devZing has a good post on how to delete bugs in Bugzilla. more »

Software Engineering: An Idea Whose Time Has Come and Gone?

Tom DeMarco, arguably one of the key thinkers when it comes to how we develop software has been reflecting. My early metrics book, Controlling Software Projects: Management, Measurement, and Estimation (Prentice Hall/Yourdon Press, 1982), played a rol… more »

Speaking about Lean Software/Kanban at PADNUG on Mar 3, 2009

I'll be speaking at the March 2009 Portland Area .NET Users Group (PADNUG) meeting. I'll be covering a different project management approach to product line development that includes: Reduced meetings Clear priorities Minimal multitasking… more »

12 Learnings From My First Turn As Startup CEO

Jason Goldberg has a great post on some of the things he learned while CEO of The CEO's job is to create value. Try to ride some powerful existing waves vs. just creating new waves. Technology companies are all about the product… more »

What Makes This Necessary?

Ten Reasons High-Tech Companies Fail

Planning on starting your own company? Here are some good points to consider from High Tech Strategies - Ten Reasons High-Tech Companies Fail Lack of Market Focus Excessive Pace of Product Improvement Incomplete Products Undifferentiated… more »

Do You Twitter?

I've decided to try out this twitter thing. Follow me. more »

$1,000 of Free Consulting Advice

One of my staff (Aaron) found this great post from David Bock called the 7 Question Project Health Check. The only thing I'd add is start working on this today! If you want to know why, start adding up the cost of not doing it. How long will it take… more »

It's okay to THINK for Yourself

I can't really add anything to Geoff's post. Go read it and apply it. more »