How To Delete Bugs in Bugzilla

devZing has a good post on how to delete bugs in Bugzilla. more »

The "Why To" Manual

Hank Wallace turned me on to a post by Allison Shapira where she summarizes a key point from Rob Walker's writeup of the Blue Man Group - the "Why To" manual.This "Actors' Journal" is not so much a how-to manual as a why-to manual; it's not about… more »

Miško Hevery on Writing Testable Code

Miško Hevery has written a great summary of some basic coding rules for testability in his post Writing Testable Code. I love this quote because every time I introduce unit testing to someone who has an existing code base you can see this in their eyes… more »

Testers On the March!

A very nice woman (whose name I can't remember - sorry!) drew this for me during my SAO QA SIG talk. Notice the signs the testers are carrying, these were points from my talk, so I know she was paying attention! more »

Agile Defect Reporting

Brent has a great post on a technique for agile defect reporting. Basically it comes down to 2 time horizons. The 10 minute and 30 minute horizons. I was going to leave the following comment, but his comment system seems to be broken at the moment.… more »

HanselMinutes #4

Scott Hanselman has started a podcast called HanselMinutes to talk tools and utilities. Episode #4 on Continuous Integration caught my attention because of 2 names mentioned during the discussion of the Ruby Watir library. Both Dustin Woodhouse and Travi… more »

Watir Hint for Working with ImageButtons

Dustin, one of my co-workers, ran into a problem accessing the "alt" attribute on image buttons using Watir and discovered a useful trick: Who knows if this will ever be useful to anyone else, but I've been trying to work with imageButtons,… more »

Practical Agile Testing

Elisabeth Hendrickson has a great post about the practicalities of agile testing where she takes Brian Marick's breakdown of testing vectors and talks about what to actually do differently to achieve agility in testing. Agile project teams generall… more »