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Trust in Agile Teams - SAO QA SIG Retrospective

There was a great group at the SAO QA SIG yesterday. Thanks to the organizers, sponsors and WebTrends for the space. There was a goodly number of people from the QA profession (not surprisingly), but yet a surprisingly large number of non-QA focused p… more »


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SD West - Aligning Software Development with the Business

The Aligning talk wasn't as engaging as I'd hoped. Not because Geoff didn't know what he was talking about or wasn't personally engaging, rather by necessity it was somewhat introductory and is is something I've been thinking about a lot in my new role o… more »
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SD BP - Extreme Hiring

The Extreme Hiring talk was interesting, and I think I'll take away a few idea. Some of the concepts were (admittedly) specific to Ternary's business model and hiring needs. Here is an outline of their process: Candidate find job ad and reviews web… more »
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SD BP - Day 4

Due to work reasons day 4 of the conference is day 1 for me. After taking a red-eye I've landed in Boston and managed to get to the SD Best Practices show. The check-in experience was great and I'm busy looking through the sessions to see what would be i… more »


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Agile Defect Reporting

Brent has a great post on a technique for agile defect reporting. Basically it comes down to 2 time horizons. The 10 minute and 30 minute horizons. I was going to leave the following comment, but his comment system seems to be broken at the moment.… more »


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Wayne Allen to Speak at SAO QA SIG on 9/27/07

Agile QA Reality or Fantasy: A Conversation Agile software development processes such as Extreme Programming (XP), Scrum, Feature Driven Development (FDD) and Crystal have become mainstream in many organizations. Do these methodologies directly addres… more »


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I succumbed


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Wherefore Art Thou?

Indeed it has been "a little while" since my last post, nearly a year in fact. Where did the time go? I have been busy (surprise, surprise). I spoke at SAO in Portland I was a guest lecturer at WSU Vancouver I spoke at XP2007 in Como, Italy… more »
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