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Production vs. Attendance on Teams

Jeffrey Phillips wrote a nice post on Accountable for production not attendance. In it he argues that most knowledge workers should be treated like virtual workers – they should be held accountable for their production, not their attendance. The implicat… more »


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Agile Open Northwest 2008 - Mar. 18-19 in Seattle, WA

I attended AONW last year and had a fabulous time. It was great to reconnect with some of the local practitioners and have some really interesting conversations and be introduced to new idea. If you can make it I would highly recommend attending this… more »


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Expedited Stories

I mentioned in my No More Iterations post that we didn't really know how support requests were going to affect the overall system. As is often the case I didn't have to wait long to find out. Within days of moving to the limited WIP approach we got a… more »


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It's Not OK To Skip The Standup

Travis has a great post on why It's Not OK To Skip The Standup. more »


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Do You Twitter?

I've decided to try out this twitter thing. Follow me. more »


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$1,000 of Free Consulting Advice

One of my staff (Aaron) found this great post from David Bock called the 7 Question Project Health Check. The only thing I'd add is start working on this today! If you want to know why, start adding up the cost of not doing it. How long will it take… more »


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30 Second Estimating

In my initial post No More Iterations I mentioned that estimating was a factor in the change we were making. Specifically: Story size was difficult to estimate and kept crossing iteration boundaries. The programmers really didn't see the value of e… more »


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Agile Project Management Tools (self-Hosted)

I posted a bit of research I did for some externally hosted tools previously. Here is a quick rundown of some self-hosted tools.VersionOne Community (free - I've used it and I like it, 5 user limit)XPlanner (free OSS, seems good, hasn't been upda… more »


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It's okay to THINK for Yourself

I can't really add anything to Geoff's post. Go read it and apply it. more »


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Agile Project Management Tools (Hosted)

Update: See the list of self hosted agile PM tools I've been researching agile PM tools to decide if we want to continue using our existing tool, switch to another or go 100% manual. There are a few vendors that provide a hosted service:Rally… more »

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