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How to Hang a Picture

the spurious pundit has a really good post on how hard it is for manager types to do a good job of telling people what they want done. Snippets: First off, there's the mechanics of how to do it. What tools does he need? You know that there's a hammer… more »


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Product Management Rule #1

In my previous post we had some good discussion regarding rule # 1: The best product managers follow the Pragmatic Marketing maxim: Your opinion, while interesting, is irrelevant. Always use market facts to decide the best course of action. The genera… more »


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10 rules for successful product managers to live by

From a copyrighted story at SoftwareCEO written by Bob Weinstein Software product management: If you can't define it, you're doing a bad job at it Product managers' rule #1: The best product managers follow the Pragmatic Marketing maxim: Your opinion,… more »
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Get Firefox to do NTLM

From Patrick Cauldwell's Blog - Firefox and Sharepoint Being a dedicated Firefox user, one of the few things that was still thwarting me was SharePoint.  We use SharePoint internally for a ton of stuff, and it was a drag to have to fall back to th… more »


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Going the Extra Mile - Why Bother?

Having recently been involved with a team that was being exhorted to "step up" and "go the extra mile" I noticed a range of responses from "lets go" to "why bother" to "I don't think so". After thinking about the response I identified several personal fa… more »
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More Burndowns

Brian Marick posted here and here about burnbown chart styles and I thought I'd chime in with my variation. I use a slight modification of Kelly's burndown. I always put the remaining work on top of the bar and use real dates across the bottom. Addition… more »
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Angle brackets must go away

I was talking with Scott Hanselman (gratuitous name drop) about the difference between rpc and document style. It took me a moment since I don't deal with SOAP internals much any more. It occurred to me shortly thereafter that I don't really care other t… more »
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Public Variables In VB.NET Modules

Interesting bit of detective work the other day I thought I'd share with everyone. A friend of a friend was having trouble with an ASP 2.0 project that was ported to ASP.NET. Turns out that on some web servers the different clients were getting their dat… more »
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Visualizing duplication in a linear sequence

Ask E.T. had a pointer to Dotplot. An entire software module of a telecommunications switch about two million lines of C. Seems to be some interesting visualization here. I'll have to keep this one in the memory banks for future use. more »


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Maintenance Team? Balderdash!

In many organization I've encountered there is this artificial distinction between the new development group and the maintenance programming group. Why on God's green earth would you want to do such a thing? Every time the topic comes up I point out tha… more »

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