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  08:15:24 pm, by Mark   , 565 words  
Categories: General

Dynamic T-SQL in Just Minutes!

Ever feel left behind when one of those SQL Server jockies breezes through a complex query that generates SQL on the fly? After all its a bit over the top to use SQL to generate SQL, isn't it? Well, its time to level the playing field. I'm going to pa… more »


  01:41:10 pm, by Kirk   , 697 words  
Categories: Management

Buy or Build??

A common dilemma presented to decision makers in the technology groups of many companies is whether to buy software off-the-shelf, or to build the software from scratch. As someone who has faced this decision, and faced the results from both sides, allo… more »


  02:24:53 pm, by   , 31 words  
Categories: Misc

Faster Firefox

Want Firefox to run even faster? If you've got broadband change the following settings in about:config network.http.pipelining = true network.http.pipelining.maxrequests = 30 network.http.proxy.pipelining = true Enjoy! more »
  12:09:55 pm, by   , 228 words  
Categories: Agile

Call for Participation - Agile 2005

Call for Participation - Agile 2005 July 24-29, 2005. Marriott Hotel, Denver, Colorado, USA. March 1:  Submissions due for Tutorials and Workshops March 15:  Submissions due for Research Papers, Experience Reports… more »


  07:42:58 pm, by Kirk   , 1008 words  
Categories: .NET

Data Input Validation Using ASP.NET Forms

Introduction Ask a group of web developers about the critical importance of data validation and you’re sure to get many heads nodding, for they know all too well the security of their own job depends on how successful they are at executing this task.… more »


  01:09:55 pm, by   , 109 words  
Categories: Agile

Leaving Text Behind Again

Jon Udell wrote a piece (and another) about some technology Jonathan Edwards at SubText is putting together (demo). Looking at the demo gets me excited about the future of writing code. I get tired of fighting text… more »
  12:12:34 pm, by   , 58 words  
Categories: Agile

IE Clipboard Data Exposure

Via Simon: IE allows script to read the contents of the clipboard! Some nefarious person could easily grab your clipboard contents and post them back to their server. A fix from the comments: Tools -> Internet Options, Security. I… more »


  11:07:04 am, by   , 22 words  
Categories: Events

Scott Came will be attending the winter meetings of the IJIS Institute in Washington, DC

Scott Came will be attending the winter meetings of the IJIS Institute, and will be participating in the XML Advisory Committee meetings. more »


  07:51:47 am, by   , 121 words  
Categories: Agile

.NET Constants are Really Constant

From Haacked  How Constant Are Your Constants in .NET When one assembly references a constant in another assembly, the compiler will embed the value of that constant into the assembly. This could really lead to some hard to find bugs. Imagine… more »


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