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Scott Came to participate in the OASIS LegalXML Court Filing Technical Committee Meetings in Salt Lake City, Utah

Scott Came will be participating in the proceedings of the Court Filing Technical Committee, focused on finalizing requirements for the upcoming version of the OASIS court filing standard. more »


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Engineering, Craft or What?

Patrick Logan writesabout the debate regarding whether software development is a craft or engineering. He has an interesting spin in that what makes software seem "craft-like" is the informalities. I think the "informality" of software makes it fee… more »
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Clarke Ching's Secret Ingredient

A teaser from Clarke's book. If you want to know what the secret ingredient is take a look at his Sticky Minds article. Craig interrupted my thoughts, "It doesn't surprise me that you are in the mess you are in. My education and experience are in Qua… more »


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Wayne Allen becomes a Certified Scrum Master

The Consultants Guild is proud to announce that cofounder Wayne Allen is now a Certified Scrum Master. more »
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Watch Out World - I'm now Certified!

Just got word today that I am now a Certified Scrum Master! more »


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Excellent Consultants...or Why Technology Kingdoms Rise and Fall

The experience of a recent Consultants Guild blog reader drives home the key factors that cause projects and engineering organizations to fail. It also is a good reminder of what is necessary in order to be an Excellent Consultant. So indulge me for a… more »


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Extracting Column Names for a Table in SQL as a CSV String

I had a need (creating CSV BCP files) that required knowing the column names of a MS SQL table in the order they were created. Some inspiration from Mark Clerget and a little fooling around with SQL Query Analyzer resulted in the following. DECLARE @c v… more »


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Approaching System Boundaries with TDD

Bill Caputo has a wonderfully clear explanation of how to address questions regarding using TDD at system boundaries. TDD is fundamentally about writing tests (or 'checked examples' as Brian Marick calls them) before you write the code. One of the… more »
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Skiplists in C#

Thanks to Patrick Logan I now know what Skiplists are. Skip lists are an ingenious data structure that turns a linked list into a data structure that offers the same running time as the more complex self-balancing tree data structures... In the lat… more »
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Practical Agile Testing

Elisabeth Hendrickson has a great post about the practicalities of agile testing where she takes Brian Marick's breakdown of testing vectors and talks about what to actually do differently to achieve agility in testing. Agile project teams generall… more »

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