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Corey Ladas explains Scrum-ban

Cory has a great post titled: Scrum-ban | Lean Software Engineering. In it he describes how a team can take advantage of kanban within a Scrum environment. While I am sure that there will be those who insist that Scrum doesn't need to be improved, there… more »


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Another New Bike

Previously I posted about my new V-Strom which is a nice bike. However, after taking it on something more difficult than gravel roads and compared to my wife's Honda CRF150 I knew I needed something much lighter, more dirt oriented, but could still be ri… more »
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The "Why To" Manual

Hank Wallace turned me on to a post by Allison Shapira where she summarizes a key point from Rob Walker's writeup of the Blue Man Group - the "Why To" manual.This "Actors' Journal" is not so much a how-to manual as a why-to manual; it's not about… more »
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Miško Hevery on Writing Testable Code

Miško Hevery has written a great summary of some basic coding rules for testability in his post Writing Testable Code. I love this quote because every time I introduce unit testing to someone who has an existing code base you can see this in their eyes… more »
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