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Layoffs Suck

The situation: Things have been slow for a year. Next year isn't looking any better. Not that this is a unique experience. The company is generally fine, but with everything on a downward trend we want to stay healthy financially. My budget is abou… more »


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How to install Sybase’s ODBC driver on Ubuntu Linux 8.10 for ASE/IQ/Replication Server/SQL Anywhere/etc

It is always interesting how when you are working on a problem, someone else in your sphere is solving almost the same problem. Jason posted yesterday about installing ODBC on Ubuntu for Sybase which was one of the challenges we had as part of my previou… more »


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Sybase JDBC Craziness

Say you're working on an enterprise class system. Developers work on Windows and Linux. Servers run Linux. Not so unusual. Now enter Sybase SQL Anywhere. Aka Sybase ASA or iAnywhere. First off there are 2 different JDBC drivers. JConnect (jconn3) a… more »
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Agile Open NW 2009

Agile Open NW 2009 has been scheduled for Feb 10-11, 2009 at the Ambridge Event Center in Portland, OR. I'll be there again. If you are anywhere near Portland and have an interest in all things agile, this is a can't miss opportunity. Agile Ope… more »
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Speaking about Lean Software/Kanban at PADNUG on Mar 3, 2009

I'll be speaking at the March 2009 Portland Area .NET Users Group (PADNUG) meeting. I'll be covering a different project management approach to product line development that includes: Reduced meetings Clear priorities Minimal multitasking… more »
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Wayne Allen to Present Lean Software/Kanban at PADNUG on Mar 3, 2009 more »
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